Sunnyside Community Playgroup

Pre-school for children between 2 and 5 years in Berkhamsted

A morning at Sunnyside Community Playgroup

“When I arrive at Sunnyside the first thing I do is pick out my name card from the table and put it in the register box – we are all getting really good at recognising our own names.

Now I must choose what to play – will I build with duplo, make a cup of tea in the home corner do some drawing or jigsaw puzzles?  I know, I will dress up as a doctor and look after the grown ups.

Painting or sticking in the foyer, going to the allotment to do some digging, playing outside on the bikes and scooters, or even carrying on with our free play in the main hall.  I am going to paint a picture then go outside for a scooter ride!

All this fun makes us hungry so now is a good time for a snack.  I come inside to wash my hands then sit down at the table for a drink of milk or water and for some food – today we are having some carrot, apple and bread with delicious fruit spread.

Now it’s time for a bit more free-play before we all help to tidy the toys away (I am much better at this here at Sunnyside than I am at home!)

When the hall is clear we have a great big space for some fun.  Today we pretend to be different animals moving around to the music.  Next we bring out the “parachute” and bounce teddies around on it; we count the teddies to practice our numbers.”